“FOLLOW ME” It’s used over 91 times in the New Testament narrative. Jesus said it 16 times personally himself. Most of you probably already know this but just stop for a second & think about it. When Jesus called his disciples he didn’t say, let’s meet or schedule me & then we’ll talk about following me or follow me in your heart & that’s enough.

Jesus meant with ALL you are FOLLOW ME. It’s important for us to rehearse this in our lives, we’re not following an idea or a brand that we are trying to constantly put a remix to or upgrade, we are following a LIVING BEING with emotions & feelings like us.

The ultimate goal of our lives should be the simplicity of “Knowing” somebody (Jesus) rather than being obsessed to become somebody !!

SUPREME is a word that came to my mind while meditating on this. Supreme means above all or the highest in rank or authority. Jesus is Preeminent over our lives, but most of the time We can just add him to our schedule or make Jesus a part of our resume so We look good to others. Another question we have to ask ourselves does Jesus DEFINE who we are, or are we using Jesus to just describe who we are.

We live in a world that loves things to be really complex and complicated, so when it comes to The Simple Gospel of Jesus we almost can’t accept it or it’s not enough for us, or it’s too good to be true, so we end up not fully surrender to him. Jesus came to make it simple for us & to restore our hearts back to what they were intended for, to be LED & that we would simply JUST FOLLOW JESUS… Disciple: The word disciple comes from the Greek word mathetes. The root word means “the mental effort needed to think something through.” So by definition, A DISCIPLE IS SOMEONE WHO NEVER STOPS LEARNING.