Alex Erickson

Alex Erickson

Alex is a passionate follower of Christ who invests his time to disciple young people.

God’s desire is for us to be TRANSFORMED not Conformed

DON’T MISS IT … I have always been fascinated by reading Psalms & reading about David & how he would be in these unbelievable situations but in the midst of them. He would speak LIFE to himself & find fuel & perspective. I’ve come to realize that oftentimes we think for us to find Contentment in life, is getting out of our current situation or for us to go to a certain place that we think will Satisfy that desire…

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I Have Decided To Follow Jesus. ✞

“FOLLOW ME” It’s used over 91 times in the New Testament narrative. Jesus said it 16 times personally himself. Most of you probably already know this but just stop for a second & think about it. When Jesus called his disciples he didn’t say, let’s meet or schedule me & then we’ll talk about following me or follow me in your heart & that’s enough. Jesus meant with ALL you are FOLLOW ME. It’s important for us to rehearse this…

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